About Me

My Background


I am a native of Charlotte, NC who grew up all over the city-so to speak.  IT Geek by day, Drag Queen by night.  Since the age of five I fell in love with computers and technology in general.  As my best friend has said "You are humble by fault, honest, fiercely loyal!" 

My Hobbies


When I'm not at work, I like to knit (of course) along with various other crafting.  Always love to have good book to read, an affection for seeing indie movies that most would ignore. 

My Favorite Things


I love music and singing.  Love the fresh smell of spring and autumn.  Coffee is a must in my world, so there is nothing better than grabbing a coffee and writing or kitting and people watching for a while. A self-claimed "cruiseaholic", take me to a ship and I am happy any day. 

My Blog